Minimizing the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and being able to reach children living further away

Telehealth has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years.  But the Covid-19 pandemic certainly boosted its popularity. By using a laptop or smartphone connected to internet, we are able to conduct our sessions, respecting the social distancing and minimizing the exposure to your child and your family.

Telehealth is also ideal when there are barriers like physical location or limited resources. This way I will still be able to reach children in need of paediatric physiotherapy.

Before the first session, you will be given a brief guide on how to set up Zoom. On the day of our meeting you will receive an invitation link and a list of materials I want to use during the session. You or another caregiver needs to be present throughout the session, to act as my hands. I will give directions, show the exercises by using a doll (or my own child if needed!), and together we will work on a successful treatment.

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