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Paediatric Physiotherapy FONDA specialises in providing friendly, professional, and high-quality paediatric physiotherapy services for children of all ages, from 1-day-old babies to adolescents. With specialized knowledge on the movement, development and conditions that are likely to affect the baby and growing child, your child will receive the care it needs.

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What is Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapists work with children and their families to assist each child in achieving their optimal physical development and to help them to actively participate in home, school, and community environments.

“Is physiotherapy not just for adults?” Nope! Sometimes children and even babies need physiotherapy. 

Um OK, but then what is the difference with a occupational therapist?”

Baby Massage
Kinesio Taping
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Sensory Intergration

My name is Fonda, and I am an experienced paediatric physiotherapist from The Netherlands. Having graduated as a physiotherapist in 2001, I soon found out I got the most satisfaction from working with children. It is my passion to bring out the best of every child, to help them reach optimal independence and physical functioning within his or her abilities in a fun and stimulating environment.

When to see a Paediatric Physiotherapist

A paediatric physiotherapist works with any child, from the day they are born till they are 18 years old, who has a problem with their posture or with moving their body.

What to expect

A professional, high standard and child friendly approach to your child’s complaint

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