What to expect

When I first meet your child, you can expect your child to receive a thorough assessment. I will not only look at the gross and fine motor skills but also consider communication, cognition, play, and the social-emotional development since all aspects of a child’s development are interlinked and provide valuable information.

Some children take some time to ‘warm up’, and I do not want to rush your child if they take a little time to get used to me. As it is, I will get a better idea of your child’s abilities and needs if they are happy and engaged, rather than anxious or upset.

During your child’s first paediatric physiotherapy appointment, I will:

  • assess your child’s motor and overall development, using observation skills, special measures, and specific hands on assessment techniques
  • identify what your child is doing well, what they are having difficulty with, and why they are having difficulties, and then
  • develop a treatment program in collaboration with you and your child, which aims to address your child’s difficulties and maximise their abilities

Your child’s treatment may include:

  • direct hands on physiotherapy
  • education about your child’s condition and how they can improve
  • providing activities or exercises to do at home or school that will help your child’s progress
  • trial and prescription of specialised orthotics, splints or equipment to support your child’s development
  • referral to and/or liaison with other health professionals and support providers

After a predefined period, we will evaluate your child’s progress and decide on the next steps. If goals are achieved, we either finish the treatment or develop new goals. If the goals are not achieved, we need to establish why and what the way forward should be. Maybe your child needs more time, maybe we need to make an adjustment to the treatment plan or maybe your child needs an assistive device or have a consultation with a specialist.

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